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About half of the residents at Villas Del Paseo have been on rent strike since February 28, 2021, after Winter Storm Uri when they didn’t have water and were told to boil green-algae pool water. Over the last few weeks of pickets, tensions with security have risen. On April 5, 2021, tensions escalated further when the security officer threatened pepper spray on a parent and his child. I also received reports that about seven police officers, some in plainclothes, surrounded residents and told them they were trespassing.

Security attempted to block entry to tenants who resided in the complex.


Juanita Hall’s mother passed away shortly before Hurricane Harvey hit her home. This home had been in her family for generations and now the home is uninhabitable, a total loss needing a complete tear down and rebuild. Three years later, the room in the house where her mother passed away is full of black mold. Like countless other survivors of Hurricane Harvey, Juanita Hall’s home still hasn’t been repaired or rebuilt.

Juanita Hall is part of the Harvey Forgotten Survivors Caucus. This caucus is facilitated by West Street Recovery and Texas Housers. Comprised of about 15 members, this group meets…

Recently, the pandemic eviction filings reached over 20K in the Houston/Harris County area, currently sitting at 22,847 cases filed per the data compiled by January Advisors.

This number of pandemic eviction filings is staggering and could have been curtailed with an eviction grace period that Mayor Sylvester Turner refused to enact back in August 2020 despite recommendations from the housing taskforce and the endorsement of the Houston Apartment Association, a landlord association.

The eviction process takes only three weeks from start to finish, and any person juggling multiple jobs can easily be caught off guard by it. There has been…

It’s quite the cluster, isn’t it? In the last few weeks:

Fifth Ward residents, specifically the Circle Coalition formed by Our Afrikan Family, is trying be included in a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) already formed between the private developer, Midway, and the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 18 (TIRZ 18) regarding the East River Project. Midway’s chief operating officer sits on the TIRZ 18 board, so it’s Midway making a CBA with Midway and leaving residents out while the rest of the board is complacent.

Fifth Ward is also facing threats of displacement from the expansion of I-45. On top of the East River Project and the expansion of I-45, the residents…

Rice Management Company, on behalf of Rice University, is in the process of developing the Ion, the Innovation Corridor, and Greentown Labs in Third Ward. Mayor Sylvester Turner decided to install Andy Icken, the city’s chief development officer, to lead the developments of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) between Third Ward and Rice. Icken is not a resident of Third Ward, he lives in Humble, and Third Ward residents, specifically Houston Coalition for Equitable Development without Displacement (HCEDD), do not have a seat at the negotiating table of this CBA.

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Third Ward and Fifth Ward, predominantly Black communities, are trying to fight gentrification and new developments with a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). Ideally this would work, only in both instances capitalists outside of the communities are positioned to make negotiating decisions on behalf of the Black communities. The planned developments are taking advantage of the current displacement caused by gentrification in these areas, and the city has intentionally left the Third Ward and Fifth Ward communities impacted out of the picture.

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The residents of Third Ward and…

Residents Against Flooding (RAF), a local nonprofit, has been investigating local fraudulent flood maps for the last two years. A world-respected hydrologist, Dr. Steven H. Emerman, has provided expert testimony to the federal government verifying RAF’s findings. Emerman reviewed the maps that are currently allowing a 900-home residential community to be constructed on the old Pine Crest Golf Course located at 3080 Gessner Road at Clay Road in Houston.

These falsified maps:

  • Make it appear that the property is no longer in the dangerous floodway nor in the 100-year flood plain
  • Show the property to be in a much safer…

The whole idea of grassroots politics is to turn your attention locally and do what you can to not only to preserve any shred of democracy in your backyard, but to also fight for meaningful change. Kay Shepard, a precinct chair and a member of the County Executive Committee (CEC) for the Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP), has been active at the most local level to effect change here in Houston and surrounding areas. Shepard actively registers voters and participates within her precinct to get the vote out for Democratic candidates.

“I grew up in grassroots politics, I started with…

The Houston Police Foundation (HPF) is a nonprofit with a board comprised of CEOs and corporate executives that raise money to fund grants and projects for the Houston Police Department (HPD). Recently, the City Council unanimously passed the Houston Public Safety Budget FY 2021 which gave 62% of the safety funds to the Houston Police Department. This number is $964,837,483, almost one billion dollars, and is an increase of 3.29% to their already inflated budget. With almost a billion dollars in taxpayer money, why does HPD need money from a foundation with a board of corporate executives? …

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