Fifth Ward Residents Fight to be Included in Development Negotiations

East River Project

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“Two meetings is absolutely unacceptable when people don’t even know what a TIRZ is,” Joetta Stevenson, president of Greater Fifth Ward Super Neighborhood, said. “We want to know if we want a gun pointed to our heads or a bouquet of roses. If you are going to hide it, it’s probably a gun. The community needs input.”

Questions Left Unanswered During Community Meeting

“We have been doing block walks to inform people about the TIRZ and the CBA,” London said. “New residents, people who have been in the neighborhood five years or less, seem to know about the CBA, but the existing residents did not know about the CBA.”

“At one point, we didn’t want to see the [CBA] negotiating papers, we wanted to see the upcoming developments for the coming year the TIRZ had planned with tax-payer money,” London said. “Their lawyers told them it wouldn’t be a good idea to show the public.”

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More Displacement With the I-45 Expansion

What is a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)?




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Sam Oser

Sam Oser

Advocacy journalism Saturdays @ 1:30 pm/CST on All Real Radio

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