Houston Fails the Homeless During COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads through our communities, it is highlighting the vulnerabilities of our capitalist system, namely our lack of accessible healthcare. Our system is not built to help the working class during these times, let alone those who are homeless.

During this time, shelters and organizations that help the homeless in Houston have shut down. This leaves the homeless without basic hygiene, shelter, and bathrooms. The City of Houston has put out portable toilets and hand-washing stations, but it is very few and very far in between these hygienic rest stops.

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Food Not Bombs — Houston, has been on the frontlines of taking care of the homeless community during this time. They have faced the unprecedented challenge of feeding 100+ people daily while trying to maintain CDC guidelines without the help from the city or from other homeless advocacy organizations.

Coalition for the Homeless promised Food Not Bombs emergency personnel letters, and they backtracked. The Coalition for the Homeless not only wouldn’t give the volunteers these letters to keep them safe from the Houston Police Department, but they also have not offered any solutions to help.

I have reached out to the Coalition for the Homeless and have not received any comments.

There was a digital event hosted by the POC Caucus and Black Lives Matter-Houston to tweet at officials to give answers, and there really wasn’t much. Since this picture below, there has been no follow up to what that program is or how it will help the homeless.

Digital event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/951188928649680/?active_tab=about

What You Can Do

Email and/or call city officials to demand:

  • More portable toilets
  • More hand-washing stations
  • Programs and solutions to help the homeless community during this time
  • Aid the food volunteers wherever they need help

Coalition for Homeless
Office: (713) 739–7514

Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives
Office: 832.393.0959

Precinct 2 — Commissioner Adrian Garcia
Office: 713–274–2222

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