Movement to Push the Unitarian Universalist Church to Divest from Line 3

UUA’s Young Adults Push for Divestment

“The issue that we face with the Responsive Resolution is that it’s not actually binding, and the way it works they don’t actually have to change it,” Maddie Smith, member of the UU Young Adults for Divestment, said.

“I think the issue is that not a lot of people know about our investments or how terrible they are. Even though there are a ton of things we want UUA to divest from, we are starting from the banks since they are the ones that fund the pipelines,” Smith continued.

“What feels most present right now is the UU Endowment Fund holds most of its meetings during the day, around 1 or 2 pm, when people are at work or school. It feels like an intentional strategy to hold the meetings for people who are not constrained by work or school hours,” Zoe Johnston, member of the UU Divestment Caucus said.

What is Happening with Line 3?

We didn’t stand witness, we took action, and we were arrested. We have PTSD from the whole thing and an underlying component of the PTSD is that our faith put us out there and then left us. Multiple UU organizations rallied UUs to go, once it went down and we were arrested and injured — rubber bullets, concussions, tear gas — there has not been a statement in support of us from the UUA from any part of the faith beyond donating to a fund for a legal fees. This lack of support contributes to our PTSD.” Kia Bordner, Tigua of Ysleta del Sur & Yaqui, Indigenous UU activist, said.

When I knew they would be calling for Young Adults for a second wave of action, I originally thought it was great and then in the planning of this…I kept saying to folks, if you don’t debrief with us who were on the frontlines and arrested, you are being reckless with people’s lives who are going for the second wave of action. The debrief we did have was focused on the jail support team, and we on the frontlines did not speak but for a few minutes.”

What are the UUA’s Holdings & Community Investments?

See all of the holdings from the most recent report, June 30, 2021:




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Sam Oser

Sam Oser

Advocacy journalism Saturdays @ 1:30 pm/CST on All Real Radio

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